How Will I Know?

Okay, before we begin our regularly scheduled programming, let us experience a magical 80s throw-back by clicking here. (Please come back though, ok?) 

Woah, didn’t that feel like a Lisa Frank notebook in a video? You gotta love the ridiculous bow and neon colors. Let’s not forget the twirling bride/groom. Good times.

So why am I talking about this video? Do I have a deep obsession with 80s music? Do I really enjoy amazing dancing that involves fun house mirrors? Do I adore brightly-colored doors? Why, yes, yes I do, but that is not why I am writing this post.

The song (yes, another one) helped me connect to another character. Totally unintentionally. I had the song stuck in my head, so I listened to it as I walked to one of my favorite Chinese restaurants. It was a beautiful day, and I thought I would spend the walk people-watching. 

Oh, I was wrong. Suddenly, I imagined my character singing this song about her relationship (no, she was not a Disney princess or a character in Glee). I suddenly got her. I realized that she was closed off and why: she was scared. In one instant, I understood her. Totally and completely. It was the last piece of the puzzle that came together for her.

How long have I know this character? Two years. And I was just getting to “know” her? Yes.

Characters, like people, aren’t understood or known overnight. It takes time. If you don’t feel like you know your character yet, don’t panic. He or she just might be the more quiet type. There are a few things you can to get to know her. You can interview her (for some questions, you can go here). You can just free-write from her perspective. Or you could write the book and let the characters develop that way (I always imagine a Polariod when I talk about “developing” characters). 

Or, like other people in your life, you can give her space.  She will come back. I promise. Sometimes characters just like playing hard-to-get. Or are just waiting for a really fun dance song (I recommend this one).

So, random question of the day: what is your favorite Lisa Frank character? Let me know in the comments below. 

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