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How Taylor Swift Helped My Writing

I will be the first to say it: I strongly dislike Taylor Swift’s persona and her music. I get a mean girl vibe from her squad, and I find it mildly creepy that she always looks put together, even when she leaves the gym. I also have the urge to scream “use stronger adjectives” when she talks about wearing a “nice dress” (suggestions for better words: scarlet, ornate, minimalist, Anthropologie, etc.). What does a nice dress even look like? Can you visualize it? I certainty can’t.

BUT I cannot “hate hate hate” too much because she is helping me write my novel (so hold off on shaking me off, Taylor). I don’t know what it is about 1989, but it is the best writing music. Ever. As soon as I play it, I get in the zone and the words flow. Like the bell for Pavlov’s dog, her album is the trigger I need to get writing.

As if that were not enough, when I hear her music on the radio, I immediately think of my characters. To make matters worse/better, all her lyrics perfectly fit the perspective of one of my characters. Basically, she is helping me understand and inhabit the point of view of one of my characters.

So, if I ever win an award, I will have to thank her. So, she can add that feather to her already peacockesque cap.

My challenge to you: find your Taylor Swift. Scroll through the radio or browse through Spotify until you find an artist that makes you understand your characters better.

Want to take it one step further? Create a writing playlist for yourself so you will have something that helps you get in the zone to write. Whenever you hear “Wildest Dreams,” you will suddenly not only think about Scott Eastwood (who is in fact handsome as hell), but have the strange urge to start typing…

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