13 Things You Need for a Successful NaNoWriMo

As we know, NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month)  is fast approaching, and you want to be ready. I have compiled a list of thirteen things you need to have on hand to make your November a success. 

1. Coffee. Lots of coffee.

2. A writing community for support and vent sessions.

3. A general outline (bonus points for a chapter-by-chapter outline).

4. Well-developed characters (this can be done by character templates/interview questions).

5. A sense of your world (bonus points for maps).

6. Basic research done (i.e. If your main character is a firefighter, interview a firefighter about her job).

7. Your writing times scheduled in your calendar.

8. A nice writing workspace. 

9. Writing software of some kind (Scrivener, Word, etc.) or a notebook and pen.

10. A list of writing milestones and rewards attached to them.

11.  Accountability in some form (i.e. announcing it on social media, telling a friend, etc.).

12. A letter to send your loved ones that you will be MIA for a while. 

13. Join our writing challenge! 

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